Our History

TECNO GI PLAST was established in 1996 and has as its object the processing of synthetic resins in general and plastic materials in particular, alone or combined with textile, cellulosic or other supports.

The company activity was initially focused on the production of materials for toe puffs and shoe counters, thus diversifying the production technology of the controlling parent company TECNO GI S.p.A.

The launch on the market of the extruded TALYN® reinforcement has significantly contributed to consolidating the success of TECNO GI PLAST at an international level and over the years the commercial offer has been completed with the production of thermo-adhesive films for the laminating sector and with a wide range of reinforcements (microfibers, high-density non-woven fabrics, tear-resistant fabrics).

Our Mission


The style distinguishes one from the other, and makes us more attractive to consumers.

We give substance to your style and make your fantasies, even the most daring, come true.

Our invisible soul will be the ideal support for all your creations and will make them more beautiful and harmonious, ready to be admired, desired, envied.

We have been doing this since 1996, with tenacity, technical ability, dedication and foresight, and we will continue to do so with the utmost respect for our planet and the living beings that populate it.

Competition does not scare us; it is the spring that pushes us to confront each other every day to improve and refine more and more what we do.

Our Company Policy

TECNO GI PLAST develops and produces technical articles for the leather goods sector and we guarantee our customers reliability and improved process performance.

Our success is rooted in customer satisfaction and in maintaining a safe and sustainable work environment for our employees and contractors.

In TECNO GI PLAST everyone is responsible for the quality of their work.

We work proactively to satisfy all customer requests, maintaining a high-quality standard of products and paying the utmost attention to all aspects of the service in order to offer maximum flexibility.

TECNO GI PLAST is committed to minimizing environmental impacts of its activities.

We have always implemented actions aimed at the recovery of processing waste to be reinserted into our products and we promote the efficient use of energy, the recovery of materials and the prevention of pollution in general.

TECNO GI PLAST is committed to keeping workplaces healthy and safe, through the implementation of measures aimed at reducing accidents and injuries and promoting the involvement of employees and collaborators in activities relating to safety and health.

TECNO GI PLAST adopts a systemic approach to comply with all applicable requirements regarding the environment, health and safety and in general to comply with all the requirements signed in order to satisfy the requests of customers and various stakeholders.

TECNO GI PLAST promotes actions aimed at enhancing human resources and motivating employees.

We ensure compliance with the provisions of national collective bargaining, with particular reference to wages, working hours, disciplinary procedures and labor regulations in general.

TECNO GI PLAST pursues the continuous improvement of its performance by planning and implementing, where technically possible and economically sustainable, improvement actions.

We pursue the continuous improvement of our management system also through the adoption of good working practices.

TECNO GI PLAST's commitment to the environment

is expressed in a series of initiatives aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts resulting from business processes.

Water is today more than ever a very precious commodity, for this reason we use a minimum amount of it in the production process and have always adopted closed-circuit cooling systems.

For several years we have been applying a virtuous cycle of recovery of production scraps from extruded materials .

We produce energy from renewable sources and adopt investment policies that always take into due consideration the energy efficiency of processes.

We place on the market only safe products that do not present dangerous characteristics; to ensure this, we apply restrictions on the content of hazardous substances to our entire supply chain and constantly monitor its compliance.

We create eco-sustainable items starting from “green” raw materials, deriving from renewable sources and with high biodegradability.

We periodically monitor our environmental performances in accordance with the applicable regulations, with particular reference to atmospheric emissions, waste production and resource consumption.

Our Technology

We have state-of-the-art extrusion and co-extrusion lines with highly qualified technicians able to create items customized to customer needs.

Our headquarters in Borgolavezzaro occupies an area of about 7,000 covered square meters and our production capacity is greater than 6,000,000 square meters / year.

We are constantly engaged in the research and development of new items and in the experimentation of innovative materials in order to satisfy the demands of a constantly evolving market.

At the customer’s request, we can provide branded materials to ensure the authenticity of the products.


Production of materials for use in counters, toe-puffs and reinforcements for shoes.

Production of extruded materials and reinforcements for the leather goods sector.

Production of materials for use in counters, toe-puffs and reinforcements for shoes.

Production of polyester and polyamide polymers and hot-melt adhesives.


Via del Vallo, 13
28071 Borgolavezzaro (NO) – Italy

Tel: +39 0321 885259
Fax: +39 0321 885869

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Via del Vallo, 13
28071 Borgolavezzaro (NO) – Italy

Tel: +39 0321 885259
Fax: +39 0321 885869